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Corporate / Business

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our firm represents clients in the acquisition and sale of businesses.  We also advise clients that are purchasing or selling a line of business, equipment, receivables, or other assets.

Our representation encompasses every aspect of the deal.  We often begin by drafting and negotiating confidentiality agreements between our client and the potential buyers or sellers.  We then advise on the structure of the transaction, negotiate the Letter of Intent, perform the necessary due diligence, draft and negotiate the purchase agreement and closing documents, and close the transaction. We also draft and negotiate any other agreements pertaining to post-closing operations, including employment/independent contractor agreements, escrow agreements, and Earn-Out Agreements.


We have extensive experience forming and organizing limited liability companies, corporations, and partnerships. We walk the client through the process of starting the company and we draft all appropriate documentation.  We also  draft and negotiate operating agreements and partnership agreements for newly formed businesses and joint ventures.


Our firm regularly advises clients  on a wide array of legal issues that arise in the  management of their businesses.  We help our clients navigate ownership transfers, corporate restructuring, succession planning, liquidation and dissolution, and the handling of problematic owners and officers. We are well versed in Ohio and Delaware corporate law, and in  applicable federal laws.  Finally, we draft and negotiate agreements and documents important to ongoing business operations, including  shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, and corporate resolutions.

Commercial Lending

We represent businesses and lenders in all types of financing, including commercial loans and mezzanine financing.

Commercial Contracts

We regularly draft and negotiate a wide array of commercial contracts, including employment agreements, supply agreements, licensing agreements, sales representative agreements, and management agreements.